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Yoshitate Kyounosuke

Born June 17th in Machida, Kyounosuke is a gender-neutral male vocalist commanding a wide vocal range and a unice melodic (fushimawashi) style.
His various video channels including Youtube have gained a following from both Japan and overseas with combined views exceeding 10 million.
In addition to major releases, Kyounosuke has released crowdfunded albums as well as independently produced and arranged compositions and albums, and has also announced the release of pieces revolving around prominent Japanese historical figures.
On top of his live performances, Kyounosuke also performs at live events around the Japan, contributed the “Nekomura Iroha” voice to the Vocaloid singer library, sang “Panpaka Pantsu Ondo” for the internationally broadcast show Pankpaka Pantsu, and has contributed his voice to various other projects. His music can be found on Youtube, iTunes, and LINE Music.


The importance of coming to terms with myself

From a young age, Kyounosuke,
influenced by his parents,
often carried mikoshi(portableshrines),
and from this learned the associated dances and worship etiquette
and from this developed an interest in Japanese traditions and music.
In his early teens he noticed that he was different from others and realized that he was LGBT.
He developed a complex after being mislabeled as a girl and teased for his high-pitched voice,
but after finding that he felt most confident when singing,
he poured his heart and soul into his craft.
His desire as a vocalist is to reach out to others who might be struggling with their identity and to tell them
“you arefine just the way you are.”


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